Vintage Mesh Jewelry

     Elsa Peretti, was a famous jewelry designer known for many iconic designs.  Working for Tiffany, she came up with a technique which she called Mesh, a finely woven metal with silk-like qualities.  In 1974 she introduced her famous Gold Mesh Bib Necklace.  This story is told in the video “Elsa Peretti – Fifteen of my Fifty”…

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Micromaille Mesh Chainmaille

Micromaille Mesh  -Micro is from the Greek word micros meaning small as in micrometer, microsecond, microgram.  The term Flat Mesh has been used to describe a particular chainmaille weave called European 4-1.  This weave lies flat on the wrist or body as opposed to the other main weaves like Byzantine or Turkish Round or Persian…

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My New Website

Hello everyone! I’m so pleased to announce that my new website is finally online! We hired a local web developer to redesign the site on the WordPress platform with an integrated online shop & customizer! We are so excited to get started adding to the site and making it into more and more of a…

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