Materials, Tools and Processes


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Sterling Silver
Bronze Round
Stainless steel Square
Bronze Square
Stainless Steel Round
Bright Aluminum
Anodized Aluminum
Gold Filled
Rose Gold Filled


Accents and Embellishments

My Tools


I swear by these Swanstrom pliers, which I have been using for years!

Jumpring cutter and mandrels

My Process

Handmade in Sea Cliff, NY

Each of my chainmaille pieces is made by hand by Donna Barrett in her studio located in Sea Cliff, NY. Appointments to come see the shop can be made by submitting a contact form here.

Sterling Silver & Other Metals

When I began making chainmaille I used mostly sterling silver and I enlisted  my husband to use my jumpringer system to cut the rings. Now I use many more types of materials, some I cut myself and some I can buy online from vendors that make pre-cut rings that are ready for use!

How do I do it?

I like to use two pair of pliers when I am working. One I use to hold the last ring in the chain, the other is used to open and grab a jump ring and then add it to the main chain. This process continues following the various patterns I weave, one link at a time!