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Black Titanium and Bronze Chainmaille Bracelet


Titanium and Bronze Chainmaille Bracelet.


I love the combination of black and gold!  The rich colors of black titanium and rose gold colored bronze, and the interesting texture of rings as they criss cross each other add to the elegance of this bracelet.   It closes with a beautiful and easy to use bronze toggle clasp.  This bracelet will complement almost any outfit!

Process:  Each of my chainmaille pieces is made by hand.  When I began making chainmaille I used mostly sterling silver and I enlisted my husband to use my jumpringer system to cut the rings.  Now, in addition to sterling silver,  I use many more types of materials and many excellent vendors are available to purchase rings.  In each case, two pair of pliers are used, one holds the chain, the other grabs an open jumpring and adds it to the last ring.

Chainmaille Weave:  Vipera Berus.  (Literally is a common European snake).  This attractive weave is considered a basket weave because vertical rings are interwoven into horizontal rings forming a criss cross pattern.  One vertical ring goes under the horizontal, the next goes over it.

Material:   Titanium is highly sought after for use in jewelry for several reasons.  It is hypoallergenic and so is a good choice for women suffering from allergies from metals.  It is also resistant to corrosion from salt water and chlorine.  The rings used in this bracelet have been treated with a special process giving them a “black glass” shine.

Rings:  Heavy gauge so you do not have to worry about the rings pulling about.

Width and Length.  Bracelets are 7 1/2 inches long, considered the norm.  Length can be adjusted ½ inch longer or shorter at no additional charge.

Gift wrapping available on request.

Thanks for taking a look!