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Serpentine Beaded Chainmaille Bracelet


Chainmaille Bracelet with Serpentine or New Jasper or Peridot Jasper Beads

Serpentine, New Jade or Peridot Jade Beaded Chainmaille Bracelet  Semi precious beads and gunmetal colored jump rings combine to make this attractive and unique bracelet!   Classic metal chainmaille is the frame for the addition of colorful and mystical gemstone beads.  Beautiful lime green beads climb up this frame of black ice aluminum rings.  Serpentine is said to help with emotional cleansing.

Process:  Each of my chainmaille pieces is made by hand.  When I began making chainmaille I used mostly sterling silver and I enlisted  my husband to use my jumpringer system to cut the rings.  Now I use many more types of materials and many excellent vendors are available to purchase rings.  In each case, two pair of pliers are used, one holds the chain, the other grabs an open jump rings and adds it to the last.

Chainmaille Weave:  Japanese vertical and horizontal rings form the frame for beaded bracelet.

Material  Anodized Aluminum:  A great choice since it is lightweight but very strong  Best of all it enables color to be brought into the world of chainmaille.  The choice of color combinations and patterns is endless! In this bracelet the rings are black ice, a versatile gunmetal color.

Other Materials:   Serpentine also known as New Jade or Peridot Jade beads.  A creamy melon color, serpentine is a beneficial and versatile stone.  It is said to help with emotional cleansing, psychic powers and to attract love and money.

Width and Length.  Bracelets are 71/2 inches long, considered the norm, Can be ½ inch longr or shorter at no additional cost.  This bracelet is 1/2 inch wide.

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