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Statement Gold Chainmaille Necklace


Statement Gold Chainmaille Necklace

This complicated intrique chainmaille weave is named dragonscale because it resembles the scales found on reptiles.  Hundreds of  rings of two different sizes are used resulting in a top row of large rings and a under row of smaller rings.  It is truly a labor of love.  This necklace is designed to meet in the center and is worked on a slant along both sides.  The dramatic gold color reminds me of an ancient Egyptian adornment.  It closes with a striking, large textured gold plated clasp.  It looks stunning on and is meant to be worn just at the nape of the neck.  Made of lightweight anodized aluminum rings, it is very comfortable to wear and the flat mesh structure results in a silky, smooth feel on the skin.  You will want to add this statement necklace to your jewelry wardrobe for sure!

Process:  Each of my chainmaille pieces is made by hand.  When I began making chainmaille I used mostly sterling silver and I enlisted  my husband to use my jumpringer system to cut the rings.  Now, in addition to sterling silver,  I use many more types of materials and many excellent vendors are available to purchase rings.  In each case, two pair of pliers are used, one holds the chain, the other grabs an open jump rings and adds it to the last.

Chainmaille Weave:  Dragonscale and intricate weave using two different ring sizes with the samller rings sandwiched between two of the larger ones.

Material:  Anodized Aluminum.   A great choice for modern jewelry since it is lightweight but very strong  Best of all it enables color to be brought into the world of chainmaille.  Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal into a durable, tarnish resistant surface.  The choice of color combinations and patterns is endless!

Stainless Steel – A great choice for chainmaille.  It’s strong, does not rust or tarnish and has the look of silver.

Rings:  Heavy gauge so you do not have to worry about the rings pulling about.

Other Materials:  Gold Plated Toggle Clasp

Width and Length.  18 inches.